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Holiday Shipping: All 2 Day Shipping orders placed after noon on Monday will not be shipped until the following Monday. Next day shipping orders can be placed up until noon on Tuesday. Happy Holidays!!! Healthy Crickets delivers premium live insect feeders to your door including live crickets, mealworms, superworms, butter worms, wax worms, and phoenix worms®. We also offer cricket, worm, and fruit fly food, and supplies for keeping live feeders at home. Crickets and worms are great lizard food, bird food, and fishing bait! Sign up for our Carefree Cricket plan, and get convenient delivery at a 10% discount on your total cost, including shipping! This is perfect for pet owners that want the convenience of orders automatically shipped to their address every week/month, as well as pet shops and breeders who need a dependable supply. Please visit our Carefree Cricket plan page for more information. 

We use fresh, high quality crickets and worms that are shipped directly from the cricket and worm farm. They are grown in a stress free, natural environment and NOT forced into a quick growth cycle resulting in unhealthy crickets and worms. Your pets will notice the difference between our crickets and worms, and the ones that live in a bin at the pet store.

Healthy Crickets uses a superior shipping box specifically designed for crickets and worms. The order will include fresh food to ensure your order stays healthy and alive during transit, and we use special shipping boxes in the winter at no extra charge to give your crickets extra protection against the cold. We also add 5-10% extra crickets in each shipment! Buy crickets and worms online at Healthy Crickets today!

Important Notice: We do our best to ensure our feeders stay alive during transit by including a heat pack during cold months and ventilated boxes during hot months, as well as winter packing during cold months, but we cannot guarantee live arrival if there are 40 degree or lower night/daytime temperatures. Choosing Next Day shipping will give the feeders the best chance of survival.

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