Butter worms

Butter worms are very nutritious and tasty!

10 live butter worms - $3.15

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Butter worms (Chilecomadia Moorei) will supply your pet with a lot nutrition, especially calcium.  Butter worms' vibrant color and fruity smell will make it one your of pets' favorite foods! Their color and size also make them ideal fishing bait.  Butter worms are plump with a smooth, soft exoskeleton for easy digestion.  Butter worms originate from Chile and spend their day eating the leaves of the Tebo tree. They are the larvae of the Trevo Moth. Butter worms are irradiated when they are exported to the United States to kill any bacteria, which makes breeding impossible.

Refrigeration: Yes; You may keep them in the refrigerator, 42-45 degrees F, to extend their life span.
Life span: 1-4 months.
Appearance and texture: Red/orange/yellow coloring that will catch the attention of your pet.  Fat with a soft body exoskeleton (outer shell/skin) that has a fruity smell.
Size: Range from 3/4" to 1 1/2".
Bedding and food: You may keep butter worms in our wheat bran packaging.  Make sure it stays dry.  Feeding is not necessary.
Nutrition: One of the best, highly nutritious food sources in the market!
Moisture - 58.54%
Ash - 1.04%
Protein - 16.20%
Fat - 5.21%
Calories/Fat - 87.73
Calcium (ml/100 grs) - 42.90

As with most worm suppliers, worms are sold in a measured volume, not individually counted. You may get slightly more or sometimes less depending on the worm size of the batch.


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