Cricket food

Nutritious cricket food packed with Vitamins and calcium!

1lb of cricket food - $5.75

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2lbs of cricket food - $10.25 ($5.12/lb)

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5lbs of cricket food - $23.25 ($4.65/lb)

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10lbs of cricket food - $39.75 ($3.97/lb)

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"You are what you eat." A healthy diet for your crickets results in a healthy feeder for your pet. Our food is packed with vitamins and calcium without fillers. Many other cricket food suppliers, even popular names, use fillers as a cheap way to produce more food. Your pet will reap the benefits of you choosing our hearty food. It is so vitamin packed, in many cases it eliminates the need for gut loading. All food is grinded in balanced proportions for your crickets.

The following list includes most of the ingredients so you know exactly what you are buying:

Calcium: Min 0.8% - Max 1.1% Vitamin A, E, B12, and D3
Soybeans Fish meal
Honey Wheat
Rice bran Bee pollen
Corn Riboflavin
Niacin Phosphorous: Min. 0.3%
Crude protein: Min 20% Crude fat: Min. 6.5%
Crude fiber: Min 7.0% and more!


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