Fruit fly culture

Ideal culture without brewers yeast!

4 oz. of fruit fly culture mix - $2.90
Makes 3 cultures

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16 oz. of fruit fly culture mix - $6.15
Makes 15 cultures

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• Add 1 cup of hot water to the 4 oz. mix to make 3 cultures.
• Add 6 cups of hot water to the 16 oz. mix to make 15 cultures.

What is fruit fly culture? Culture can be simply defined as the food and media both fruit fly larvae and adult fruit flies live and grow in. We provide a carefully crafted blend for our culture mix. You only need to add hot water. There is no need to add vinegar since we added special ingredients to stop and eliminate mold growth. Our culture does not have any brewers yeast which has no nutritional value for your fruit flies. The culture we provide is a healthy blend that will make your fruit flies stronger and healthier.


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