Lizard cages

Inexpensive lizard cages with easy setup

We sell specifically designed cages that make housing lizards and other pets an ease.  They are extremely quick and easy to setup. While most people use glass aquariums and fish tanks, this is not the optimal housing for lizards. Our cages are well ventilated and provide other useful benefits.  Take a look at our InstaCageTM and Natural Beardie Habitat below:


InstaCage animation
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12"x12"x18" InstaCage - $49.50

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17"x17"x26" InstaCage - $69.50

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No tools necessary! Very light weight, easy to set up, and well ventilated. Size 12x12x18 comes in three colors: silver, blue, and red. Size 17x17x26 comes in silver only. These cages are easy to clean with detachable screen panels. It can house lizards, plants, and insects including butterflies, moths, praying mantis', and more. The screen shell and light weight make it easy to see all angles of your pet. You can also easily take it outside for your pet to collect useful UV rays from the sun!

Natural Beardie Habitat

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Natural Beardie Habitat - $264.50 (see shipping below)

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This is the ideal cage for bearded dragon. It was created to represent bearded dragons' natural habitat. The cage has two natural temperatures zones, hot basking and cool areas, which is needed for bearded dragons. The basking area is heated to 110 degrees F and the cool area is 85-90 degrees F. Heat is well insulated inside the cage with vents in the back for proper air flow. Aquarium and glass tanks may be cheaper, but heat easily escapes from bulbs placed on the top of the tank. The Natural Beardie Habitat has a sliding plastic doors making it easy to take your beardie out of the cage. It is made a very durable ABS plastic (much stronger than standard PVC and poly plastic) to withstand immense heat and UV rays. ABS plastic gives the cage extreme strength while remaining light weight for easy portability.

This is the optimal cage for your bearded dragon.  It is great for beginners and well-experienced owners.  All you need to do is plug it in and it is ready!

Dimensions: 32x20x15 (LxWxH)
Material: ABS plastic
Electrical: The basking fixture is a hubble/stonco water resistant incandescent socket and the florescent is a T8 18" electronic ballast.
Additional: You will need to buy a 18" 10.0 UVB florescent light and heat lamp.
Shipping (Important, please read): Please choose 'Two day' shipping when checking out. This cage will only ship out via UPS Ground service within 7 days, transit times are between 1-5 days. If you choose 'Next day' shipping, it will still ship via UPS Ground.


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