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Organic fertilizers

Cricket poo is a great natural fertilizer!

While you may not find this in your average home improvement store, cricket poo (also known as fraz or castings), is a healthy organic fertilizer for flowers, plants, and lawns! Read on to learn more about this nutritious fertilizer.

Cricket poo

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Cricket poo is our best selling organic fertilizer. This fertilizer is chemical-free and full of vitamin C and minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, and anti-oxidants. It isone of the BEST organic fertilizers on the market (see the comparison chart below). Your plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables will grow strong and healthy with this nutrient rich fertilizer. The cricket poo is not wet and does not have a strong bad smell.  It is dry and has a sandy texture. It is composed of about 98% manure and 2% cricket food, paper material (from feeding the crickets), and cricket shedding. It has a range of uses and would make a great addition to your garden and lawn.

The 20lb bag of cricket poo will only ship via UPS ground.  Please choose 'Two day' shipping when checking out.

Compare CricketPoo! to other organic fertilizers:

Item % N % P % K Total NPK value
CricketPoo! 4.04 2.26 2.18 8.48
Chicken squat 1.00 0.80 0.39 2.19
Horse plop 0.70 0.25 0.77 1.72
Worm castings 0.86 0.37 0.25 1.48
Cow patties 0.57 0.23 0.62 1.42
Swine slop 0.49 0.34 0.47 1.30

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