Red worms (red wigglers)

Gone fishing? Don't let the big one get away!

25-30 live red worms - $3.25

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75-90 live red worms - $8.80

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150-180 live red worms - $16.15

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250-300 live red worms - $24.75

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Please note that if it is over 80 degrees, you must choose next-day shipping for the live guarantee to apply.

The red worm also known as the red wiggler has been used for many years by novice to expert fisher men and women across the nation. Our worms are commercially grown and fed a peat moss and grain diet. Their active wiggling will catch the eyes of any hungry fish.  The red worms will be shipped to you in a lidded cup with dirt bedding.

Refrigeration: No; they should be kept at room temperature, or anywhere from 55-85 degrees.
Life span: They live several weeks.
Appearance and texture: Reddish brown, somewhat slimy, and wiggly. Great bait worm as they will not lose their size in hot temperatures.
Size: 1"-3".
Bedding and food: They may be kept in the same cups they are shipped in.

As with most worm suppliers, worms are sold in a measured volume, not individually counted. You may get slightly more or less depending on the worm size of the batch.


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