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Superworms are not just 'giant mealworms' even though they have a similar appearance - they are actually a different species. Their scientific name is the Zoophobas mario and they are the larvae of the darkling beetle. Superworms are softer and have less chitin (exoskeleton) than mealworms, making digestion easier. Superworms have a long life span, are high in protein, and are incredibly energetic and lively, making them an excellent feeders for lizards!

Refrigeration: No; superworms should be kept at room temperature.
Life span: Superworms will live about 2 months if properly cared for.
Appearance and texture: Brown with light and dark brown stripes. They are smooth and extremely lively.
Size: 2".
Bedding and food: Superworms may be kept in a container at room temperature. They will eat vegetables.  Feed only as much as they will eat and remove the remainder every day. This will prolong their life span.

As with most worm suppliers, worms are sold in a measured volume, not individually counted. You may get slightly more or less depending on the worm size of the batch.


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