Cricket calcium

Dust your crickets with high quality calcium!

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It's difficult for most lizards to get enough calcium in their diet - dusting their crickets with calcium immediately prior to feeding helps your lizard consume the calcium it needs. Simply place the crickets in a bag with a small amount of calcium powder and shake gently. This is a very effective way to give your pet extra calcium

This is the perfect calcium for cricket dusting. It is very pure and is top quality. Coat or dust your crickets with calcium before feeding your pet to make your feeders more nutritious. Calcium is an essential part of a pet's diet. This is the highest quality of calcium on the market!

Nutritional values:
Calcium Carbonate, CaC03 - 96.8%
Iron Oxide, Fe2O3 - 0.10%
Silicon Oxide, SiO2 - 0.65%
Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3 - 0.12%
Magnesium Oxide, MgO - 1.07%

Calcium is necessary in every pet's diet. Please contact us at if you have any questions.


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