Cricket hydrate

The most effective way to hydrate your crickets - safely!

Cricket hydrate for 1 gallon of water - $4.85

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Crickets are very clumsy and often drown in bowls of water. Cricket hydrate eliminates this problem and keeps your cricket container cleaner! Just add water and the powder turns to a gel. The crickets can still get water from the gel, but they can't drown in it or spill it. It is the same gel you see in pet stores, except our product costs much less! We do not use any additives so your  You will receive a bag that will make one gallon of hydrated gel. Since 1,000 crickets will drink about 1/2 cup of water a day, one gallon of water added to the Cricket Hydrate will last 1,000 crickets for over 40 days. If conditions are humid, it may last even longer. Other solutions, such as providing wet sponges, can cause mold or bacteria to grow in your cricket enclosure. This is a great way to preserve your cricket "investment" and save yourself time and money.

Can be used with crickets AND worms
Very inexpensive compared to pet store prices
No additives
Eliminate unnecessary cricket deaths from drowning in water
Decrease cricket smell
No bacteria or fungus growth on sponges, towels, and other materials
Extremely easy to make and dispose of


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