Cricket scoops

Easily handle live crickets

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Small cricket scoop - $9.85
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Large cricket scoop - $13.30

 Cricket scoops make it simple to pick up and dispense live crickets to your pet. The square funnel on both scoops make it easy to gather crickets hiding in the corners of your container. They are made of clear, durable plastic so you can see the crickets as you scooping and dispensing. Both scoops have count markings, but are not used to count various cricket sizes.

Small cricket scoop
The difference from the large scoop: The small cricket scoop is ideal for small to medium size crickets. It will hold about a dozen crickets.

Large cricket scoop

The difference from the small scoop: The large cricket scoop has a detachable chute to easily dispense crickets into your pet cage. This also makes it effortless to clean. The entire scoop is 12" long.


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