Sani-Chips bedding

Preferred bedding of the finest animal breeders in America

Sani-Chips cube cut bedding - 1 1/2 cubic gallon - $4.85

This is the finest, high quality laboratory grade cube cut bedding on the market. Quality control of this bedding is unparalleled. Before cutting, this hardwood is hauled on non-softwood trucks to eliminate contamination from bacteria, resin, and tar from softwood. It is debarked, cut, and heated to 1200 degrees F to kill bacteria, pests, and harmful microorganisms. It is Harlan Teklad cube cut bedding that has no splinters, shavings, excessive dust, or foreign materials. You may use this bedding for a variety of pets including gerbils, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, and more! Its quality is unmatched. It is the BEST cube cut bedding that is used by top animal breeders across the U.S.


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