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Wax worms

A tasty treat for your pet!

110 live wax worms - $19.00

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250 live wax worms - $25.75

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Wax worms are naturally high in calcium and protein. Wax worms have a very soft exoskeleton (skin), allowing for easy chewing and digestion. Wax worms make a great, tasty treat for your pet! They are also a very popular choice for fishing as they are easy to put on the hook.

Refrigeration: Yes; You may keep them in the refrigerator to extend their life span.
Life span: 1 month.
Appearance and texture: Wax worms are fat and cream colored. Wax worms have a soft exoskeleton (skin).
Size: Range 1/2" to 1".
Bedding and food: You may keep wax worms in our packaging. Feeding is not necessary.


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