Our live feeder guarantee

We provide our customers with a live guarantee on live feeder orders. We rarely, 0.5% of the time, receive customer complaints that orders are DOA (Dead On Arrival). Please read the following guarantee policy.

Please make sure your order and shipping address are correct before paying.

Please do not return or refuse a shipment. We offer a reshipment of your order if it is DOA. We DO NOT offer refunds, exchanges, or money back guarantees for any orders.

Live guarantee guidelines: If you do not meet the following guidelines, your live guarantee is foregone:
- Customer must notify us within 10 hours of arrival if 15% or more are DOA.
- Night or day temperatures to the shipping address are not below 40 degrees or above 80 degrees.
- Someone must be home for an apartment delivery
- Customer must order with a correct address. We do not ship to PO boxes. If you put an incorrect address or PO Box, you will be charged an $11.00 fee and the guarantee will be void.
- 100 cricket orders are not guaranteed.
- Orders with less than 500 worms per species are not guaranteed.
- Next day shipping is required for wax worm orders if your day time temperature is 75 degrees or above.

If you meet these guidelines and want us to reship your order, there will be a small $4.95 fee. On a positive note, we only have to reship .5% of our orders. We rarely receive complaints, please view our customer feedback page.


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